USA Board of Directors

USA Board of Directors


Mrs Lampe

The woman behind it all! Mrs. Lampe used to work at Liland Elementary School who had tirelessly contributed her time for Phuc’s Fond establishment in Norway as NGOs back in 2011. She had the opportunity to visit Vietnam back in 2010 and again in 2016. She enjoys reading adventure books, knitting, and eating Vietnamese foods.

Mrs. Lampe is currently the Executive President of Phuc’s Fond International and USA Board of Director-President. Her public services continued even though she has retired from her daily work. Mrs. Lampe always brings laughs, giggles, and touching stories to Phuc’s Fond and its members.

Internal Vice President

Mrs Kaland

Born and raised as a Norwegian girl, Mrs. Kaland loves the winter season and skiing. In her spare time, anyone could find her taking the dog out for a “walk” on her ski. Now retried from her assistant principal role, Mrs. Kaland was one of the 15 original members at Liland Elementary School that supported Mr. Phuc Nguyen in his desire to establish Phuc’s Fond as a NGOs in Norway. Mrs. Kaland served as the Vice President-Internal to the Board of Directors in the USA.

Growing up working alongside with her father in the Norwegian’s embassy supporting Vietnamese refugees, Mrs. Kaland values the Vietnamese’s perseverance along with the hard working ability. She found the joy of assisting those in needs after a short trip to Vietnam back in 2010. Ever since then, she continued to be a great benefit to Phuc’s Fond.

External Vice President


A Vietnamese refugee currently lives in Bergen, Norway with his wife and two sons. Mr. Nguyen is the founder of Phuc’s Fond Charity. First established from his desire to fund unfortunate students with high academic achievements in Hue, Vietnam. Phuc’s Fond is now the largest Vietnamese charity abroad.

Mr. Nguyen currently works at Liland Stoke in Bergen, a passionate and caring person among the children.
He is the Executive Director of Phuc’s Fond International, who is responsible for all branches of Phuc’s Fond across the globe as well as navigating funds to disburse for all Phuc’s Fond activities in Vietnam. At the age of 50s, he is an avid skier, loves to cook, and spend time with his family. This is the man behind all actions of Phuc’s Fond, and without a doubt we are certain he will always be a great contributor to Phuc’s Fond USA Board of Directors in the Vice President External position.



From the outskirt of Hue, Vietnam, Phu Thuan province is home to Mr Nguyen. He grew up in a family of 9 siblings. After spending nearly two decades in the import/export industry, Mr. Nguyen retired in 2010. He is currently resided in Hue, Vietnam with his beloved wife of 35 years, and together they have three talented sons along with two wonderful grandchildren.

Ever since his retirement, Mr. Nguyen served Phuc’s Fond representative in Vietnam contributing all his time to the execution of all monthly activities and visitations of the people in needs. Mr. Nguyen not only manages the entire team in Vietnam but also coordinate hundred of volunteers to successfully carry out all necessary actions to assist the less fortunate in Central Vietnam. He is a compassionate, friendly, and very young at heart person. We are glad he is the USA Board of Directors-Treasurer.



To borrow Jacques Coeur quote “A vaillant coeur rien d’impossible” which roughly translate to “a valiant heart makes nothing impossible” perfectly describes this young and talented bachelor, who surely outcasts many first within his family and community. Mr. Nguyen graduated from Da Nang University of Foreign Languages and went on to continue studying Business Administration and Master of E-Commerce in Paris, France.

Now serving as the Secretary of USA Board of Directors focusing on managing Phuc’s Fond main website, directing information technology, and assisting the CFO with monthly updates; we can always count on him to meticulously finish any given tasks. When he isn’t busy, Mr. Nguyen enjoys playing soccer, reading books as well as travelling. Without a doubt, Mr. Nguyen is “the man behind the scene” always willing to silently contribute his abilities for greater impacts.