During each family day, Phuc’s Fond volunteers will go to the market, buy foods, cooks, organize folk games, and chat with our fellows elders at Dieu Vien Nursing Home. In addition, when conditions permit, we will organize field trips so the elders can change atmosphere.

Vien duong lao Duc Son 01Dieu Vien nursing home is home to more than 30 elders from the ages of 60 – 80. They are elders with no children, children who cannot afford to care for them or homeless elders. These elders has been unfortunate since they were young, life did not make it any better and loneliness just hanging on to them since their early days …
Every elders situation is different. They all come from different circumstances. The lack of love, loneliness, and poverty cling on to them until the old days, for Dieu Vien Nursing Home has been their place of hope and compassion.
Vien duong lao Duc Son 10

Family Day at Nursing Home

Sympathizing with their loneliness, lack of affection, lack of family atmosphere, Phuc’s Fond decided to start monthly family day in lieu of creating a cozy atmosphere, full of characters and laughters as if we are coming together for a family reunion.

We hope our supporters, benefactors, friends, and sponsors contiue to support us as we provide these humanitarian activities to those less fortunate.