Every month, each household in difficult circumstances is being supported VND 700,000 worth of gifts which is about $35 USD. To this date, more than 30 households in the entire area of Thua Thien Hue, has been and still is being supported by Phuc’s Fond fund conceived through the program ¨Bowls of Love-Connecting Compassion¨.

Giup nguoi ngheo 01Launched in 2013, the program ¨Bowls of Love-Connecting Compassion¨ with the aim of helping the exceptionally poor population.They are:

  • The helpless elders with no descendants or relatives care.
  • The unfortunate widower whom has to raise children with terminal sickness.
  • The disabled elders.
  • The families of children affected by Agent Orange (dioxin).
  • The orphans who lived with old, disabled grandparents.
  •  And the exceptionally difficult families recognized by the Relief Committee of Phuc’s Fond whom has directly visit to witness the circumstances.

Giup nguoi ngheo 21

Program «Visiting people in needs»

These households are being supported with 700,000 VND or $35 USD worth of gifts monthly until they no longer need the help of Phuc’s Fond and become self sufficient.

In addition, we also take the time to visit and mentor these unfortunate people, boosting their confidence. These meals time, eating together, and sharing help us as volunteers to understand more about these families and the situations they are facing.