Phuc’s Fond Scholarships

Over 20 years, Phuc’s Fond scholarshíps proud to support studious students on achieveing their academic dreams. Countless lives have been revived including those of students across all grade level. One sparks that light a fire of hope and compassion among these hopeless students.

Học bổng Phuc's Fond

Phuc’s Fond Scholarships

The purpose of the formation and development of Phuc’s Fond primarily focused on allowing a pathway for students to overcome poverty. Therefore, since the inception days, a large part of the budget allocates specifically to fund scholarships.

In 2008, Phuc’s Fond cooperated with representatives from the Youth Newspaper in Hue City with the purpose of awarding annual scholarships to poverish students with great academic achievements.

Since 2010, to ensure that scholarships are awarded to the right candidate, Phuc’s Fond worked along side with with Hue University. The list of receipients was reccomended by Board of Directors from Hue University. Phuc’s Fond scholarships include:

Hoc bong Phuc s Fond 03

Scholarships award ceremony in the university

  • Full Scholarship
  • Partial Scholarship
  • Financial Assistance

Moreover, Phuc’s Fond also has “Back to School” program such as supporting health insurance for students with difficult circumstances, transportation gift such as bicycle, and teaching aids for schools in lacking conditions.