Phuc’s Fond Organizational System

Over 20 years of establishment and development, Phuc’s Fond has connected the Vietnamese community and friends in many parts of the world. In Vietnam, Phuc’s Fond has built a team of dynamic volunteers.

Phuc’s Fond is representated in 7 countries with 60 volunteers across the central provinces of Vietnam.

Phuc’s Fond is an international charity, operating under the direction and management of the Executive Director.

Phuc’s Fond representative in Vietnam is the legal representation who is directly involved in and supervising all activities of the charity.

Representatives of Phuc’s Fond in the foreign countries, provinces act as an independent unit and is responsible for fundraising and finding financial support for Phuc’s Fond charitable activities.

Volunteers of Phuc’s Fond Charity undertake the responsibility of executing all monthly and yearly activities in Vietnam.

Documentation: A detailed description of the responsibilites and organization style of Phuc’s Fond.

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