Developmental Process

Phuc’s Fond Charity was founded by Mr. Nguyen Quang Phuc, who is currently living in Norway.

Personal Activity

Mr N.Q.Phục

Ông N.Q.Phục

– In 1991, the financial fund was established by personal money from Mr. Nguyen, his friends and family members. The initial purpose of the fund was to support poor students with high education achievements as well as helping monks at Duc Son orphanage to raise orphans.

-Since 2000, Phuc ‘s Fond received monetary assistance and cooperation of Liland Elementary School in Bergen, Norway. Both the teachers and students were actively contributing through charity programs at school.

-Since 2005, Phuc’s Fond has received sponsorships from number of companies, organizations and individuals throughout the years.

International Charity

Phuc's Fond

Phuc’s Fond

– On October 20, 2011, after an extended meeting with 20 Liland colleagues, Phuc’s Fond Foundation was officially established in accordance with the current Norwegian law.

– In 2011, the charity group Phuc’s Fond was established. The members of the group consist of students who were our previous annual sholarships receipients. The group is responsible for organizing and carrying out charitable activities in Thua Thien Hue City.

– March 29, 2013 Phuc’s Fond was officially recognized by the Vietnamese government as a non-profit charitable organization operating throughout Thua Thien Hue City and Central Vietnam provinces.

Over the past 23 years, Phuc’s Fond has spent over VND 16 billion of equal to 800 thousand US dollars on charitable activities. Phuc’s Fond has responded to the needs of uncountable lives in Central Vietnam. After all, Phuc’s Fond has gradually become a beloved friend, a companion and a trusted organization to the unfortunate people.