President’s Message

President’s Message


Ms Kirsten Lampe

To all the donors, supporters, friends, and families,

Over the years, Phuc’s Fond prides itself for being a trustworthy entity bridging your kind heart and support to the unfortunate people. Our joy is to contribute such little energy to the community, society and garnish a great harvest. Phuc’s Fond work will not be possible without your sponsorship, support, and love. One of the 14 commandments by Buddha teaching: “The greatest comfort in one’s life is the giving of alms.” Yes, each and everyone of us is full and content in someway or another, but we come together to “care”, this means a lot to many in Vietnam. May you continue to humbly accompany Phuc’s Fond, share our mission, and uplift the countless lives. Let us all together sympathize with the less fortunate people.
Your contribution and response will be a great encouragement to our team. Spreading compassion will not only bring joy to those who are lacking grace, poor blessing but also to oneself.
We sincerely yearn for your continuous material, mental, and monetary support as we all together share the joy of giving to the community in which values our assistance.


On behalf of Phuc’s Fond Executive Board.


Kirsten F. Lampe