Phuc’s Fond aimes to support poor children, households living under poverty, and students of all level who needed extra push to continue their education.

Annual Activities

  • Caring for and organizing regular activities at charitable institutions.

  • Awarding scholarships to poor, studious students every year.

  • Visiting and supporting households living under poverty every month.

  • Build charitable houses for households who live under extreme poor situations.

  • Mid-Autumn Festival for orphans and their families.

  • Organize Tet holidays, International Children’s Day, etc…

  • Spring for love event every year for those in needs.

  • Quarter visits to ethnic groups who live afar from the suburban area.

Emergencies Support

  • Immediate homeless assistance, unforseen circumstances in the family, allocating money for treatment to those who needs immediate medical attention.

  • Organizing natural disaster relief trips to people in affected areas.

And there are many other projects that Phuc’s Fond had, is and will continue to do ….