TV coverage of Phuc’s Fond

TRT Television Hue, ¨Phuc’s Fond, four seasons of love¨, 2nd, 07/2014
¨ The program received in support of many famous musicians and singers, such as Nguyen Anh 9, Ngoc Mai, Hong Hai … This is a chance for Phuc’s Fond to show gratitude to those individuals or organizations whom have supported Phuc’s Fond, creating platforms for the benefactors as well as the community and charity. Besides the concert, the organizers awarded scholarships and bicycles to students, students with outstanding learning up to 20 million …. ¨

VTV Hue, ¨Phuc’s Fond, four seasons of love¨, 2014.
¨ Common activities that are meaningful for those at a disadvantage in life … The proceeds of ticket sales and auctions are used to build 2 charitable homes in Huong Long, Hue and sponsored bike to school programs for students in need.¨, VTV Hue.

TRT Television Hue Phuc’s Fond moon held in Dien Hoa, Huong Thuy
¨ Lunar Festival gifts to the children by the former war veteran Nguyen Quang Phuc charity group and the alliance Hue was given 210 gifts. Children received lanterns, moon cakes, gifts, and milk. Aside from that, they also got to participate in many folk games… ¨

TRT Television Hue Phuc’s Fond gifts to fellow damaged by Typhoon No. 11, Loc Binh, Phu Loc
¨ Loc Binh is one of the locals that has suffered the most damage in the 11th typhoon … Nguyen Quang Phuc charity group gave gifts to 40 people in Loc Binh worth up to 20 million. In addition to the support, Nguyen Quang Phuc charity group is further urges donors to continue to support people in Loc Binh in order to prevent future damage … ¨

TRT Television Hue Phuc’s Fond gifts to the poor, Phong Dien, Quang Dien
¨ The government has given 100 gifts to unprivileged households in Phong Son, Phong Dien District in which has 90 families with difficult situations each receiving 500,000 VND. 10 households with special circumstances each given 1,000,000 VND. Since early this year, Phuc’s Fond has done many meaningful charitable activities up to 2 billion. ¨

VTV Hue, ¨Phuc’s Fond, four seasons of love¨, 2013
¨ Four Seasons of Love brings forth the love of the community. In four seasons, we have received many contributions from benefactors shared through the misfortune of life ¨, Mr. Nguyen Quang Phuc .

VTV Hue Phuc’s Fond awarded scholarships awarded in Hue.
¨ In this time, the government has awarded 105 scholarships totaling 242 million for 105 students, students … in the province of Thua Thien Hue underprivileged hardworking students.¨

TRT Hue Television – Phuc’s Fond young award scholarships in Phong Dien, Quang Dien
¨ Government funds has awarded 20 scholarships, each worth 500,000 VND for unprivileged hardworking students ofl Dien Hai Elementary School, Dien Hai, Phong Dien … From the beginning of the year, Phuc’s Fond has done many significant charitable activities up to 300 million.¨