Philanthropists and sponsors can support Phuc’s Fond by:
+ In-kind or monetary donation for all ongoing activities.
+ Regular donations such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
+ DisplayPhuc’s Fond donation box at your companies, entities, and/or organizations.
+ Be a part of us! Join, support, and attend our activities.

Over 20 years, Phuc’s Fond has gradually become a credible entity. It has been a place of convergence, collecting love and spreading compassion. Contributions depend on the capacity of different individuals, companies, associations, or schools. However, these entities all have the same heart of sympathy, sharing their wealth with those in needs. A slogan we proudly wear “sharing joy with others fellow Vietnamese.”

Thùng quyên góp Phuc's Fond

Donation box

Phuc’s Fond receives recurring monthly, annual, and quarterly contributions from sponsors to fund scholarships for students, whom are eager to learn, but financial is the barrier to their education. Besides, we are also fortunate to be assisted many people/representatives across the world. Each representative seeks to find local businesses that are willing to display our “Love Box,” donation box collecting money from the business’s customers. Every single penny matters, and as Benjamin Franklin once said: “A penny saved is a penny earned.”